Monday, November 11, 2019

Meri hassi ki shikayate

Ek din meri hassi ne mjhse pucha, “ main tera dikhawati pyar kyn hu bhala”
Mene kaha, “ tujhe aisa kyn laga ye bata?
Tujhe to main saari umar chta hu, tujhe paane ki dua to main roj mangta hu. Tere liye to Kai jatan krta hu, tujhe smbhale rkhne k saare prayatna krta hu.
Tu to meri kamai hai, ha baat dusri hai ki Tu bht kam aai hai.
Meri har khushi ki pehchan hai Tu, meri zindagi ka sbse khaas mehman hai Tu.
Tujhe to sb maanliye, sbse milwadiya, mere her sanghi sathi k ghar ka raasta tujhe dikhadiya, phir bhi Tu khud ko khas nhi smjhti, Tu khud ko mera pyar nhi smjhti?”
Meri hassi boli, “ tu khta hai ki Tu mjhe smbhalne k praytna krta hai, to phir apne andhero main mjhe aakela kyn chod deta hai?
Tu khta hai ki Tu mjhe apne dosto se milwata hai, to phir khudse milwane main itna kyn katrata hai?
Tu mjhe her baar pyara mehman kyn banata hai, akhir wo din kb aayega jb Tu mjhe tera apna batayega?
Tu kyn apne akelepan main mjhe nhi rkhta hai, kyn tu mjhse bewafai krke un aasuo se dosti krta hai?
Kya meri wafa tujhe  dikhai nhi deti hai? Ya un aasuo ki baahe tujhe jada pasand aati hai?
Wo raat kb aayegi, jb meri mulaqaat teri ruh se hopayegi?
Kb samjhega Tu, ye dard aur taqkleef tujhe khokhla kr rhi hai, kb smjhega Tu teri taqleefe mjhe bhi dard se bhar rhi hai.”
Sach bol rhi thi wo, aur main chup tha, na mere pass koi jawab tha uski baato ka, na haal tha uski shikayto ko.
Mjhe pareshan dekh wo khud hi bol padi,
“Ab kya meri shikayto ki bhi pareshani lega?
Are Apne dard ka hissedar kya mjhe bhi banadega?
Mat soch itna, main teri hassi hu tera intezzar krungi, tujhse mohabbat hai mjhe , sirf tujhse pyar krungi.
Main wo nhi Jo chaar panch k peeche bhagungi, main wo hu Jo tere intezzar main zindagi katungi.
Tu aayega ek din, us dard ko chod k aur tb hum milenge. Tu khilkhilake hus padega aur meri aankho se wo intezar k aakhri aansu girenge.
Tu ye na smjhna main tere rukhe pann se daar jaungi, tu mjhe janta nhi main tere liye tujhse ladjaungi.
Chal ab hum dono aaram krte hai, tu dard se pyar kr aur hum bus tera intezaar krte hai.!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

I'll be her ease.

I am a good guy, toddler by my heart and for specification I am her sweetheart.
It’s been a long time she is writing about our love story, so I should give it a try she prepared biryani, I’ll try allu fry.
So before starting, ladies please don’t fall for me by my words, she just acts sweet and poise but truly speaking her anger is worst.
She informed about how we met, how our love reach it's faith, but let me tell you why others won't get us, why we have fallen in each other's nest and why we are each others best.
She is a short-tempered girl, with anger on her nose tip and she has a great talent to even fight over a topic of toothpick.
I am her punching bag, no matter who the hell had did the mistake ill get the shout, and I can’t dare to ask her, why she is angry, even when I have a doubt.
Though she has a great talent to fight with me yet she is my ABC, my airway, breathing and circulation she acts like a magic wand in my tension.
Though she loves to pull my hair and kill my ears by her chit chat yet she loves me and calls me “my baby fat.” Seriously fat!
Though she has a list of infinite demands, yet she full fill all my wishes before I want.
She completes me and makes me better, she don’t complains about my flaws, she accepted me even when I was raw.
Our love story is different from others, we wont met each other when love was in weather, we didn’t loved each other but loved our talks, we loved to have a street walk.
We loved to stand near the bridge and discus about what was the level of water in last rain, yes we were discussing the weather forecast even in our loves romantic game.
We both are insane, with illogical mind, if she says we should go right, I’ll say the left is fine.
But there is something in her which binds me, even in my darkness she finds me. She fought like Jhansi ki rani for our love, she handles our love whenever I give up.
It’s easy to leave when things are one-sided, but difficult to fight, whenever I leave and say goodbye, she replied, “ baby I love you, I’ll wait and give our love a try.”
I could never find someone who is so addictive to me, someone who loves me more than my soul whose absence in my life creates a big hole.
So I vow her to be her idiot, her punching bag, we will get married and have our kids, who as she says makes me sick.
I vow to be her cure in her disease, in her difficulties ill be her ease.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

He leads me.

I am the mother of two kids, and wife of one, yeah the words sound crazy but I wrote it for fun.
That’s not my story in all, I am a doctor by profession, poet by my heart, and further detail, I was college star.
I was a simple girl, with a big pimple with specks adding the cherry on top, but this thing won’t define me innocent, I was the devil in all.
I was enjoying my life’s rollercoaster ride, accidentally I met a stupid guy, stupid since he fall for me though I just gave it a try.
Then that crazy stupid forced me to fall for him, things changed like a miracle happen, this free bird liked his cage, he gave me my freedom I gave him his space.
Then that crucial time came when marriage feathers were flying in air, he took one gave it to me, “ please be my wife, dear.”
I said yes, families got convinced, the story of acceptance was big which I made it short, buddy I like to write but not a lot.
So in short, our marriage date was decided, everybody was excited and I took a break for month, to plan my life because till now I was just my fathers Princess but further ill be mine idiots wife.
Things gonna be change, my life has to be arranged, the customs, traditions should be accepted it’s always easy to force others to understand us then to just stand for others.
I learned how to cook, how to feed the family, I always knew how to earn but I learned how to win the family.
I was pampered stubborn girl, but learned to be disciplined, selfless woman, it was never been asked by my in-laws, but taught by my mother since it’s easy to be shouting bird then to be humble.
The wedding day came, my face was covered with ghunghat, Few of the people objected for it, “ in this generation such a old school?”, but me, hardly caring about others word, i felt innocent first time in my life, it was my moment, and enjoying it was my right.
Then I was been asked to touch his feet and while touching I gave him a big hit, he reacted with a big smile, he knew though I am acting polite, there is a devil inside.
We started our seven rounds around the fire with those promises, but I added mine ,in my mind from my side.
- I’ll be the strength of my Mr. Spine
- I’ll take care of his family and his friends.
- When his friends fails to be with him while playing PUBG, I’ll join though I even don’t know what’s the definition, I’ll be their.
- I’ll massage his head when he feel sick and give him such a kid who’ll make him sick.
Many more such promises we’re added by me, but don’t think I am that good, even I added few promises from his side which I told him at our first night.
- He will kiss my forehead every night and day till our last breath, and he will full fill my every dream like it’s his life's wish.
- He have to cry when I’ll be leaving for my parents house, even for a day ,
- He will tell me how much he loves me, though he would be lying in the beautiful way.
Jokes apart, I made a promise which was essential, he will be my ego and I’ll be his manhood, he will handle me with respect and I’ll handle him with royalty. I promised, everyday we will fight for each other even when we are fighting with each other, everyday we will write our love story with different rainbow color.
On our first night when I told him about my special vows, he laughed out loud, “ oh I got my Monica Geller some how.”
No, no, no I though my idiot is a stud, but he is Chandler
I thought he knows everything about love , but he is just a beginner.
Anyway our love story took it pace, we were been gifted with twins kids, I took a leave from my job, not because it was asked .
Since now I was been promoted in my life’s stage, first I was daughter, then doctor, then wife and daughter in law, but now I am mother.
The one who creates a future, so I am enjoying my job with my two little toddlers, and spending money of my husband in the parlor.
On serious note, it’s sometime the woman’s wish to be what she want, when to earn money and when to run family, it’s her empire it’s her right, though the man is king still he is protected by his wife, play the game of chess if you think otherwise. sometimes fulfilling the dreams of others makes us happy, and living a life of homemaker is flashy.
So he leads me in my life, not because he wished to, but because being his shadow was my dream, and he protected me from every obstacles like Arthur the king.!!

Sunday, October 27, 2019


It’s his birthday, what should I  buy?
I think, let’s give purse a try.
He is different from others and special too, but his choices are diverse and wired too.
So, after analyzing the shops and market of the city, I found nothing and felt over pity.
Yeah I thought of purse, but he has one, the rarest of the rarest, I never saw, and thinking about it would be beyond my imagination.
So after completely analyzing the scenario and observing my tired mental condition , I decided to write him a letter.
So I took a pen and paper, and draped my feelings with beautiful words and deep emotions in that birthday cum love letter.
“ Hey birthday boy.”
And I tore the page.
“Hey Mr. Spine.” yeah that’s suits better.
“So, Hey Mr. Spine it’s a day world got one of the milestones everybody wish to conquer and everybody wish to achieve.
I know you hate to have a gift but I love to give one, so this letter is my gift which will stay with you when you’ll turn hundred. It will stay with you, even when I’ll be missing, and it will stay with you when life will be pissing.
It will stay with you when you won’t have answers for your questions and it will stay with you when your life will be great fun.
So giving a gift which is long lasting was my only wish, and may success, happiness, fame and money will have your kiss.
I just wish to say, don’t worry what life will give you, you are my Mr. Spine bravely you’ll fight.
Work hard on what you really want to achieve,
you are the great magnet, all your desires will bow their knees.
I know you never express your feelings to others, and always describe your problems like a bird feather.
Don’t worry, your feelings will be handle with caution, I love to take care of you, with all your emotional precautions.
Mr. Spine a complete book can be written on you, but stories about you can be said by few.
There are few who know you well, I might be one, I pray in my hell.
Anyway, happy birthday, take good care of yourself, just turned behind and see , when you feel you are lonely and in life’s game you failed.
I’ll be standing with just a hope and a tea, and we will talk about life and I’ll keep you free.”

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Loves fight.

"How much do you love him?" a question asked.
"Enough to sit in front of his family and talk about our relationship," I said it fast.
We both know each other for a year now and decided to give this relationship name somehow.
So we planned a day when we have less risk of beatings and asked our parents lets go out for eating.
We took our parents out, respectively informed them about our love story, with a suggestion that we are in public so please don't shout.
My parents asked me tons of questions, how we met with the correct location what happened between us, followed by a big lecture session, the scenario was no different at his place, what I was facing the same conditions he had faced.
By begging and requesting with teary eyes, our parents approved our plea and gave us time.
So our relatives were been called, our love story was informed,
We both were ready to face questionable eyes, we both were ready to face this crucial fight.
Considering Wednesday lucky, the meeting was organized, I asked him, we both will have a green dress code and welcome our new life, he added
"I have fallen in love with insane, even at this time you want to play a dress code game?"
Anyway, he did what I asked him, yes he was the man of my dreams.
So, I was sitting in front of his family and he has been encountered by mine, I was been asked, "how are you" with head down I said,
"I am fine."
Then a chain of questions was been asked, what I do, where do I live, what I think about family and kids and do I believe in ritual fasts?
I never thought loving him would bring me to such a big test and partially I was cursing the day we met.
Jokes apart, I gave answers with full confidence and didn't let them know about my inner volcano eruption.
Even he faced few of such questions he hated alot, when these questions I use to ask.
After an hour our interview was over, both the families sat in one big hall and to both of our surprise the priests were been called, we both were asked to sit outside, by the time our future they will decide.
These priests calculated our moons and stars and they will let them know how this relationship will work and will go how far.
We both were sitting outside, and first time silence took its place in our love life.
We trusted our love and the God above, but we were tired of the war so we just pleaded, pleaded and pleaded.
I know the lines weren't in rhythm, but so was our life out of track, out of pace and searching for it's faith.
We both were feared with what would happen next, will we have to be strangers again?
After an hour we both were called, we held each others hand with a big question, " how far?"
We sat in front of our families with those questionable eyes, we were waiting for the result, it was our love whose destiny was decided by others.
So I was asked what's my favorite flower? seriously at this time of hour?
Still, politely I said, "lavender"
"Ohh, that looks good at the mandap."
The word 'mandap' changed our world, we cried like a small toddler.
I hugged him tight having no fear, yess, yess, yesss he is mine and the verdict was clear.
Families aren't bad, just situations are, we have to fight and win this love war.
Life may show difficulties a lot, we just have to be highly positive even in the darkest cloud.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Our destiny

“Take the blessing from the Bride and Groom side, I now pronounce you both husband and wife.”
I was at my mandap with my souls goal, the one who would in my future gonna play a big role,
He would be my husband, father of my kids, and now I am tied to his destiny with a quick fix.
Marrying him was like a dream come true, and I was lavishing myself as a new Cinderella, in case nobody knew.
We both know each other from a year now, I still remember the day we met how.
It was coffee shop, we met each other, it wasn’t the beautiful incident but the accidental weather.
We fought the day we met, and the fight was so perfect, that God granted a wish that we gonna fight with each other for the life rest.
I know it was a rollercoaster ride to have him in my life, I know the battle I fought which was nearly equal to third world war.
I tell you these inter caste marriages are not so easy, you have to fight everyday like brave Chatrpati Shivaji.
I still remember my prayers and preaches, and crying as loudly as it reaches, to convince that God, listen “ I’ll not leave, he is mine and you have to give.”
I still remember, when I was about to lose my faith but that God, that bluff master played his real game.
My man came, bowing on his knees and asked my hand for his life thee.
And than that Harry Potters wand played it’s game, and everything miraculously happened like the Voldemort's game end.
Our families got convinced, our wedding date was decided, I’ll be his wife the verdict added.
Today standing in this place, holding his hands, promising to spoil each other for our rest of life,  I said, “I do” yes ill be your wife my life.
It was destiny, it was faith it wasn’t the accident ‘jab we met', we were meant to be together forever, but God didn’t wanted our love story to be boring like present weather.
So he placed hurdles and obstacles which were essential, he made us to beg and we did since this love was credential, today holding his hands I am relived, he was, he is and he will be my destiny, we were meant to be,' I believed'.!!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

ek waqt aata hai

Her insaan k jeevan main ek waqt aata hai, jab wo puri trh se thak jaata hai, 
Tu laut aayega phir bhi sahi, Tu nhi aayega phir bhi sahi. 
Tu wada nibhayega phir bhi sahi, Tu nhi nibhayega phir bhi sahi. 
Tu mjhe bhul jayega phir bhi sahi, Tu nhi bhul payega phir bhi sahi. 
Tu mera  hojayega phir bhi sahi, Tu kissi ka banjayega phir bhi sahi. 
Tu dard dega phir bhi sahi, Tu malham lagayega phir bhi sahi. 
Her insaan k jeevan main ek waqt aata hai, jab wo puri trh se thak jata hai. 
Us waqt ye kasme, ye waade, ye rasme, ye yaade, ye sapne, ye apne her cheez baimani lagti hai, tb khudi ki zindagi ek adhuri kahani lagti hai, 
Tu pehchan jayega phir bhi sahi, Tu anjaan banke muh chupayega phir bhi sahi. 

tu mera dard smjh payega phir bhi sahi, tu na samjhna chahega phir bhi sahi.
Her insaan k jeevan main ek waqt aata hai, jab wo puri trh se thak jaata hai . 
Ye tea, ye coffee, ye chocolate, ye toffee, ye raat bhar phone pe ungliya dabana aur roothane per video call pe manana, 
Yeh sb ek dusre k pyar main doob jaane ki nishani lagti hai, aur ye normal ladki k life main Barbie ki kahani lagti hai. 
Tu izhar krega phir bhi sahi, Tu sbkuch maan me rkhega phir bhi sahi. 
Hum ek dusre k hai iska aitbaar kr phir bhi sahi, Tu na kr phir bhi sahi. 
Her insaan k jeevan main ek waqt aata hai, jab wo puri trh se thak jaata hai. 

Monday, September 30, 2019

Wo meri hai.

Meri phati Jeb ko bhi pasand krleti hai,
Wo meri hai, her gaam main husleti hai.
Kbhi kbhi sochta hu, ek middle class hi to hu main,
Per phir ye soch k khush hojatu hu, Jo bhi hu uske pass to hu main.
Maine waada kiya tha her waqt sath nibhaunga,
Per her baar main bhul jaata hu, aur wo nibhadeti hai, wo meri hai mjhe mjhse miladeti hai.
Uski her haal main muskurane ki ada Kai sawal khade krdeti hai,
Bht zeedi hai, mjhse her baat pe ladleti hai.
Wo her baar smbhalti hai mjhe,
Mere chere k shikan se pehchanti hai mjhe,
Wo her waqt mere sang khadi rhti hai,
Wo meri hai, ye mjhe batatdeti hai.!!
Wo mere sapno ki ladki nhi hai,
Wo, wo hai Jo sapno main dikhti nhi hai,
Aacha hai wo mere sapno ki nhi, haqqiqat ki sathi hai, warna aise sapne dekhna mere haisat main nhi hai.
Wo khti hai sath milke her ladai ladlenge hum,
Per mjhse chupke mere har dard ko smbhaal leti hai,
Wo meri hai, mjhe duniya ka sbse raees banadeti hai.
Wo meri hai, mjhe mjhse miladeti hai.!!

Meri hassi ki shikayate

Ek din meri hassi ne mjhse pucha, “ main tera dikhawati pyar kyn hu bhala” Mene kaha, “ tujhe aisa kyn laga ye bata? Tujhe to main saari...